Genius Destroys Encryption


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UPDATE – Computer Test Proves Adoni Primes Fastest

Since 1995, a certified GENIUS with a wall full of doctorates in math and physics has become a pretty well-known name on the Net, especially in some niches such as where conspiracy fans hang out, ufo fans, Nostradamus fans and even math fans, are where you often hear of SOLLOG.

We write about him and have had our offices harassed by every USA government agency over the years for just writing about Sollog and his theories and his famous PROPHECIES. FBI, Homeland Security Secret Service, CIA and NSA have all harassed us over the last two decades for just writing about Sollog.

In 1995 Sollog released a short work on primes stating that work called ENNISA is the key to where all primes are located. He stated it would destroy RSA the main prime crypto system to secure data at that time.

Since then RSA has been pretty much replaced by PRNG and RNG crypto motors that often still use primes but much is done via ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography).

So besides releasing formulas over the past 20 years for primes, twin primes, mersenne primes, planetary distance formulas, new theories on a spiral universe and even theories on anti-matter and basic atomic binding laws of new physics, the fact is Sollog has also given exact dates when major earth quakes have then struck and massive loss of life has usually happened when he warned. Hurricanes have also struck the exact locations he warned of.

Even terrorists have struck where and when he said (911 the most famous example).

Now Sollog has released what he calls the 8 MASTER ADONI PRIMES, the prime numbers that create all primes above 7.

Now remember folks the geeks that do encryption THINK primes are not random, yet here the GENIUS SOLLOG is saying here is the skeleton key to unlock all prime based encryption, all primes are factors of these 8 master primes using 30mod.

So you read modern math theory books, they say primes are random, you see how primes and cryptography go hand in hand, yet here is THE GENIUS SOLLOG saying look dummies you protect your nukes and money with primes and here is the skeleton key to unlock all your prime based cryptography.

Imagine everyone thinks no pattern exists in primes yet Sollog has proven ever prime number above 5 is a 30mod of just 8 numbers.

Here’s the 8 Adoni Master Primes



Now add 30n (30 times any number like 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.) and every prime number in infinite prime space will be where those special 8 numbers control. Some of the numbers are canceled out as the law of logarithmic spiral states, but you will never find any prime number outside of where these 8 primes control their locations.

Sollog explains in his work how the first 3 primes 2,3 and 5 form this 30mod field of primal density since 2*3*5=30. He further ties in the amazing Fibonacci sequence into this harmony of numbers by explaining how 2,3 and 5 appear in the Fibonacci sequence so 8 the next number in Fibonacci is the natural number of MASTER ADONI PRIMES .

So rewrite all the math books, put all prime based encryption away, the GENIUS SOLLOG has proven prime numbers are not random, they are all controlled by 8 super primes he calls MASTER ADONI PRIMES.

Oh this is probably the simple proof that Fermat’s famous riddle is based upon too, since 75{88c91daedd271a990a10650c05d769cae2765e0603edf30ca95f18704e5748e8} of the Master Adoni Primes are Twin Primes this formula shows Twin Primes repeat infinitely where the six master twin primes control.

So if you thought so-called crypto dollars like Bitcoin have a future, this math proves no such thing as crypto as it is used today really exists, since the relationships between the seed-keys in all modern encryption is well understood by the intelligence organizations that release all the seed-keys now that various PRNG and RNG and RSA number generators use.

The good news is THE GENIUS has theorized a whole new type of math called HELIX MATH to help humanity migrate to a real encryption system not using base 10 primes.

He also calls his math HELIX EQUATIONS.

Helix Equations has two types of Computer language development projects



Sollog claims his new Helix Equations will be the math that future computers using a 90 Bit/Byte data load will create the first wave of AI (Artificial Intelligence) computers. Existing computers are all pretty much based on 8 bit/byte theory.

Modern computer 8 bit/byte power is 2^8

Sollog computers 90 bit/byte power is 2^90

That’s like a skateboard (2^8) compared to a galaxy (2^90).

The prime number theory that destroyed modern crypto is


8 Adoni Master Primes


Princeton Math Dept. Closed for summer

MIT Math Dept. No comment to news they don’t want anyone to say MIT Says this or that

FSU Assoc. Professor Kate Petersen did Comment, THANK YOU KATE we appreciate your time explaining some math theories.

Ms. Peterson spent some time listening to the theory writing down the 8 super primes and was pretty quick to conclude this.

She had never heard of this use of 30mod and these specific primes before, but in her opinion it was similar to her understanding of Dirichlet’s Prime Work. So to her, it seems to be just a way to reword Dirichlet and while the formula is using 50{88c91daedd271a990a10650c05d769cae2765e0603edf30ca95f18704e5748e8} twin primes, she felt due to how rare twin primes really are, it had little impact on finding twins, yet the formula shows exactly where all twins must exist (in our opinion).

Ms. Peterson also agreed, that if a formula was actually creating primes, modern cryptography would be destroyed. Her own words, “We would all be in trouble”.

While Ms. Peterson did not read the work, but just quickly wrote down the 8 super primes and said yes it works, but Dirichlet is another way to do the same thing in her opinion.

So the 8 Master Prime theory states, this is where all primes are located, that seems to be correct, and this is where all twins are located, that seems to be correct. So while the formula says this is how to create PPN Potential Prime Number fields, where all primes must exist, that seemed to be no big deal to Ms. Peterson.

Ms. Peterson admitted to not working specifically in crytography nor even strong prime probability research.

So academia so far has verified, 30mod can produce primes, but any Nmod can, the issue is, is this the best way to reduce the locations where all twin primes and primes must exist. There is not any mention in Dirishlet of this specific number group of 8 special primes above 7, nor of twin primes in general, so while Ms. Peterson thinks the formula is relevant to Dirichlet, the person that created this formula says Dirichlet never got his probable prime field so low, .266666 is the barrier field for all primes and the twin primes field is now .20. Something no other mathematician has every so clearly stated.

Now it appears Kate Petersen and all ‘math geeks’ need to read this

UPDATE – Computer Test Proves Adoni Primes Fastest

Python the computer language tested the Adoni Prme Spirals and hands down they beat all the major prime algorithms, the only two that performed well were the ancient sieve and the Adoni Spirals and the Adoni Prime Spirals were almost 50{88c91daedd271a990a10650c05d769cae2765e0603edf30ca95f18704e5748e8} faster than the the ancient sieve.






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