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The time has come!

Let me introduce Edgeless Black Jack beta 0.1


Ethereum based Black Jack with decentralised random number generation and payouts.

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that this is a beta version. The purpose of it is to showcase/ prototype blockchain solutions for Edgeless online gambling applications. It might contain errors or bugs or security issues. If you find some, please report them to [email protected]

Key features

  • Black Jack based on Ethereum cryptocurrency
  • Betting integration with metamask
  • Smart Contract guiding all casino transparency and reporting it to the blockchain
  • Players can provide a randomness generation seed using random.org, Mozilla crypto library generated randomness, or even create their own number seed

Main features which ARE NOT in the beta version, but will be added later on for full beta functionality

  • Betting integration with myetherwallet
  • 0{88c91daedd271a990a10650c05d769cae2765e0603edf30ca95f18704e5748e8} house edge Black Jack rules (as you can see now there is no split and double functions which significantly reduce the house edge. These features and 0{88c91daedd271a990a10650c05d769cae2765e0603edf30ca95f18704e5748e8} edgeless rules will be developed later on)
  • Upgraded game user interface. Right now we are using oversimplified designs for the beta version. Updated versions will have much more fancy design 🙂

An updated development roadmap will be published after the ICO.

Beta bet limits

Right now you can bet a unit which is call “finney”. It’s 1/1000 ETH.

Options are:

0.1 chip — 0.0001 ETH

1 chip — 0.001 ETH

5 chip — 0.005 ETH

10 chip — 0.01 ETH

Transaction costs (gas)

Right now betting (transaction) gas is paid by the player. Due to the increased ETH price, gas is relatively high. However the gas price will be significantly reduced in the full version of Black Jack.

Casino speed and metamask transaction confirmation

In the current version of the casino metamask is always asking for confirmation before a bet and payout claim. It’s quite irritating. Also shuffling gif is open while metamask is communicating with Edgeless Casino which reduces the speed.

That’s why our final version will be able to use more available ETH wallets such as myetherwallet integration. Then the casino will function at the speed of light and deliver the best user experience.

Despite this our gambling dapp is still the FASTEST dapp among all ETH based gambling dapps and our competitors are a long way off when it comes to the speed of the casino.

How randomness is generated?

It’s using client’s seed (number) and casino’s seed (number). Both numbers are blended into a random number which determines a final outcome. Main idea is that even if casino change own seed or randomness generation formula — final outcome is still going to be unknown, because there is an input (seed) from a player.

After the game blockchain confirms whether there was no change/ interruption in that process and makes sure that everything is transparent.

If etherscan API says


It means client’s seed and casino’s seed matches last game results and there were no changes during a randomness generation process.

If etherscan API says


That means client’s seed and player’s seed does not match last game results and there was an external interruption during the process.

More info you can find on our whitepaper or blog post.

How to bet on Edgeless beta?

  1. Download metamask and switch it to Ethereum main net
  2. Fund your ETH wallet on metamask
  3. Go to beta.edgeless.io
  4. Place a bet
  5. Accept metamask confirmation
  6. Enjoy! and don’t forget to provide feedback to [email protected]


Website: www.edgeless.io

White paper: http://bit.ly/2jHIb7T

Slack: edgelessethcasino.signup.team

Reddit: reddit.com/r/Edgeless/

Twitter: twitter.com/edgelessproject

Facebook: www.facebook.com/EdgelessCasino

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1 BTC = $28041.12 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 ETH = $1768.87 USD  (via Coinbase)
1 LTC = $91.61 USD  (via Coinbase)
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